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Three-dimensional finite element model simulating the in-situ electrochemical behavior of TEM Liquid cell platinum thin-film electrodes
Researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne developed a method to simulate the ...Read More
Characterization of cobalt in CoPt nanocatalysts in oxidation-reduction conditions.
Recently, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Stony Brook University, Harvard Universit...Read More
Morphological evolution of cubic copper catalysts during CO2 electroreduction.
Using in-situ and ex-situ electron microscopy, researchers at the Department of Interface Science, F...Read More
Metal nanoparticle catalysts preparation for gas-phase reactions at high temperatures.
Using ex-solution methods to prepare highly durable heterogeneous catalysts has recently been receiv...Read More
Hummingbird Scientific receives 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award
Hummingbird Scientific is one of the 10 recipients of the 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award...Read More
Hummingbird Scientific at the 2021 Microscopy & Microanalysis virtual meeting
Join us at the 2021 Microscopy & Microanalysis Virtual Meeting Visit Hummingbird Scientific i...Read More
Orientation-controlled synthesis of layered double hydroxide nanosheets observed in liquid cell TEM
Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are two-dimensional (2D) materials studied for future catalytic app...Read More
In-situ TEM cycling shows superior performance of carbon cloth electrode for Li-S battery
Researchers from the University of Central Florida have recently demonstrated a new vat black/carbon...Read More
2021 In-Situ Electron Microscopy Online Symposium – India
Join us at the 2021 In-Situ Electron Microscopy Online Symposium, India  The 2021 In-Situ E...Read More
In-situ TEM shows acceleration of corrosion at high temperature in Inconel alloy
Recently, the researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) studied the mechanism of corro...Read More
In-situ TEM metal vaporization from Pt/Pd/Al2O3 under high temperature redox
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and BASF Corporation have studied Al2O3 supported Pt/P...Read More
In-situ TEM lattice resolution imaging and quantitative spectroscopy in thin liquid
Recently, we collaborated with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern Univer...Read More